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You'll be setting up your own "Create Issue"-forms on Confluence pages and trying them out.

titleWhile using "Create Issue"-Forms you have to take some considerations about permissions

The User who views a page with the "Issue Forms – create form" must have the "Create Issue" permission within the specified Jira project.

Otherwise Jira won't allow the creation of issues.

titleLets check the Application Link - Precondition...
Include Page
Precondition - Application Link
Precondition - Application Link



You can use an existing project or create a new one. We will use a simple "Task Management" project for this 101.

Before you begin: To create a Jira Project, you must log in to your Jira instance with Jira Admin permissions.

  1. Login into to your Jira instance.

  2. Click "Projects" => "Create project".

  3. Select "Task management".

  4. Click next till you can specify the Name and Key and enter these values:

    NameIssue Forms 101
    Project Leadyour user

  5. Switch to the Project settings and select "Screens".

  6. Click on the "JINC: Task Management Create Issue Screen" and remove the following fields from the Screen:
    • Reporter
    • Attachment
    • Labels

Now, this is what the "Create Issue" dialog should look like.

Embed an automatically rendered form into a page

  1. Log in to Confluence and click the Create button to add a new page.

  2. Insert "Automatically rendered form" as page title.

  3. Select "Other macros" to open the "Select macro" dialog.

  4. Select the "Issue Forms – create form" macro.

  5. Select "Issue Forms 101" as Project and "Task" as Issue type and click Save.

  6. An empty Issue create form will be added to your page.

  7. Click Save to save the page and the "Create Issue" form will be rendered.

Embed a customized "Create Issue" form to a page

  1. Click the "Create from template" button.

  2. Select the "Create Issue Page" template.

  3. Select "Issue Forms 101" as Project and "Task" as Issue type and click Create.

  4. Insert "Template based form" as page title.

  5. Edit the page e.g. remove the "Issue field " / " Issue field label " macros for assignee and priority.
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  6. Click Save to save the page and the "Create Issue " form will be rendered.