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With version 2.8 we have extended the "Issue Forms - view form"-macro so that you can directly edit the displayed Jira issue (see: How-to view details of a specific Jira issue).

We have extended this function by adding an Edit button to every " Jira"-macro. After pressing the Edit button, the editing rights for this Jira issue will be checked for the current user. (This check could be done in advance. However during our tests this led to many unnecessary requests between Confluence and Jira. For this reason we decided against a pre-check.)


  • Open a page that contains a " Jira"-macro. If you click on the pencil icon, a dialog will open.

  • Now you can edit and save the Jira issue.

  • You will see the following dialog if you don't have permission to edit.


  • Open the Issue Forms Configuration section within Confluence Administration and select the Configuration Tab.

  • Toggle the Edit Issue from "Users can edit issues directly" to " Users are not able to edit issues directly" or vice versa.