Data Forms - What is our roadmap?

Originally, we intended to take the cloud-first approach.

Given that our app is based on attaching attachments to Jira tasks and Confluence pages. We are waiting for this bug to be fixed.

After the fix, we can offer Data Form for Confluence / Jira in the cloud.

Within the next few days/weeks, we want to implement the following:

  • Data Forms for Confluence Server

  • Data Forms for Jira Server

  • Data Forms for Confluence Data Center

  • Data Forms for Jira Data Center => 1.1.0

After that, the following items are on our agenda:

  • Field Type Rating => 1.1.0

  • Hide/Show Fields based on Values of other Fields

  • Required Field Handling

  • Import / Export Form Templates and publishing a public Template Library

  • Calculated Fields