Data Forms for JiraCreate Custom Field with our Data Forms Score Field Type

Create Custom Field with our Data Forms Score Field Type

Attention. We noticed that it can take up to an hour until the field type becomes visible after installing / updating our App.

This function is currently not available in data center and server

Through the following steps a Jira administrator can create a score field which will then be used in the projects.

  1. Open Settings => Issues => Fields => Custom Fields and press the Create custom field Button

  2. Select All, then Select the Data Forms Score field type and click Next

  3. Enter the field name (e.g. Requirement Score) and click Create (feel free to add it to several screens)

  4. Locate the field within the Custom fields list and click the 1 context link

  5. Click the Create, edit or delete contexts link

  6. Click the Edit custom field config link

  7. Specify the id of the template to use and click Save

This configuration allows the field to be used by other administrators in the project configuration and thus in issues