How-to use the "Issue Forms create form" for a JIRA Service Desk project

You may know that Issue Forms for Confluence does not support the customer portal configuration of the project type Service Desk.
You can use the Issue Form - create form, if you follow the Step-by-step guide.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Change the Permission Scheme (must be done by a Jira Administrator).

    1. Grant the permission Create Issue to Application role - Any logged in User.

    2. Grant the permission Browse Projects to Reporter.

  2. Change the Screens (only required for version < 2.1.0 and must be done by a Jira Administrator).

    1. Remove the Field Request participants from the issue create screens of the project.

  3. Now you can use the Issue Forms - create form. The form will be shown to all users who have the permission to login to Jira.