Customers' Voice 101

What is Customer' Voice for Jira

Customer' Voice lets your customers vote for your Jira issues without consuming a license.

For this you need two projects. One that contains the issues your customers should vote for and the second one has to be a service desk project.

Please note:
In order for your customers to see what they are voting for, these issues should be visible to them.
(see: or

How to Use

  1. Create a JQL that returns the issues you want your customers to vote for (e.g. project = "VOICE" and resolution is EMPTY).

  2. Open your Service Desk project, select Queues => Customers' Voice, insert the JQL, enable it using the toggle and click Save

  3. Go to the portal for this service desk. Here you (and also your customers) can vote for these issues.


  4. The votes are then displayed directly within the issue.