How to recalculate the score after changing a column

You can try the following, if something that is pictured and described here is not visible on your screen:

  1. Make sure that our app is installed

  2. Perform the configurations described here:

This page will use the RICE template to show how to recalculate the score after a column has been changed.

  1. Open your Board

  2. Make sure there are two columns Reach and Score

  3. Create a Score for one or more Items (Tasks)

  4. Click the Integrate Button

  5. Search for Score and select the Score App

  6. Click “Add to board”

  7. Select Reach for column and Score field. Select Score for number column

  8. Click “Add to Board”

  9. Close “Board with Integration“

  10. Whenever you change the value in the Reach column, the score is recalculated.