How to edit the current Score template

Our predefined templates do not always meet your requirements to 100%. For this reason, you can modify the current template.

Note that a score template must always contain a score field. If you delete it, it will be added automatically.

This article assumes that you have the Apps Settings page open and the current template is “Item Score based on ICE (Impact * confidence * Ease)“.

Core functionality of the “Template” Tab

  1. Here we show you how to get to that page:

  2. Select the “Template“ Tab

  3. Here you can download the current template as json.

    Thereby you can create a backup of your current configuration. In a future version you will be able to import this backup.

  4. Add Sections to group fields

Add and configure a new field

  1. Drag a field (e.g. the “Generic Single Select (with value number)”)from the Generic Fields Area and drop it into one of the sections

  2. Set Name and the technical Id (you will need the Id for calculation) and click Add

  3. Click on Configure

  4. Add allowed values, set a default value and click Save

  5. Save the updated Template

  6. Your customization is now displayed for every new score

Change the Score calculation

  1. Click on the cogwheel at the score to open the configuration dialog

  2. If you added the Management Priority field (see above) you can now use it in the mathematical formula. Add at the end of the field:

    management-priority *

    It should now look like this.

    Then press Save

  3. Each new score will be based on the Management Priority