How-to export project related metadata values

You may want to display or export metadata values in the Jira issue search. Let's say you have the following configuration and want to show the stakeholders:

Step-by-step guide

You have two ways to do so

  1. Create a Custom field (e.g. Stakeholder) of the type "JIRA Metadata - View project metadata field" (Further infos: How-to configure the Customfield Sample 1)
    1. use Stakeholder as Default Value
  2. Create a Custom field (e.g. Stakeholder Complex) of the type "JIRA Metadata - Calc. field" (Further infos: How-to configure the Customfield Sample 2)
    1. use the following source code as Default Value

Subsequently, the project's relative metadata value is displayed on the issue.

You can also display the fields as columns in the search and export them.