Space Overview - Sample Configuration

The "View all Spaces" page is a good way to find your starred spaces. On this page we will show you how to find a space even more precisely using data forms and the space overview and how you can maintain the contact persons of a space.


Import the following templates ( ):

Ensure you have created the following Fields (

  • Description (Markdown Field)

  • Contacts (Multi-Select Field)


This functionality cannot be offered in the cloud due to current limitations of Forge. Feel free to vote or comment the following issue:


Add a Space Project Overview to your Space

  1. Open a project for which you have admin permission

  2. Click on the Data Forms button in the left menu

  3. Click on the Create data form button, select the Space Overview element

    1. Fill in the form

    2. press save

After that you have created a Space Overview data form, which are displayed in the table.


Open the Data Forms Space Overview

  1. Click on Data Forms menu entry within header

  2. Choose the template Space Overview using the template selector

  3. Use the fields selector to add the following fields

    1. Contacts

    2. Description

As you can see, all information of several spaces are shown on one page.