How to customize the Metadata User Screens as an Administrator (Metadata for Jira Version 4.7 or higher)

In this article we will show you:

If you are using Metadata for Jira Version 4.6, please check out the documentation here:

Where to customize your Metadata User Screens

If you want to customize a Metadata User Screen, you can do so on the Metadata configuration page under the tab User Screen.

Here you find a list with the predefined User Screens in the sidebar on the left. You can edit them but not delete them or create new ones.

In the sidebar on the right you find all User Fields you can use to customize your screens.
Check out our documentation on how to create and customize these User Fields.

The predefined User Screens

Metadata for Jira comes with four predefinded User Screens. These screens can be changed but not deleted and there is no way to add new User Screens.

Each of these predefined screens is shown to different kinds of users in different places.

Default User Metadata Screen

The Default User Metadata Screen is shown on the User Profile page.

Default User Metadata Profile Screen

The Default User Metadate Profile Screen will be shown as a hover profile when hovering with the mouse over the name of the Jira User.
This profile can contain all fields used in the Default User Metadata Screen or less.

Customer Metadata Profile Screen for the agent

The Customer Metadata Profile Screen is the Customer Profile shown to the Agent within Service Desk.

Customer Metadata Profile Screen for the customer

The Customer Metadata Profile Screen for the customer is the screen the customer will see on her/his own profile page.


How to customize a User Screen

Change the name of the User Screen

  1. Click on the screen you want to customize.
    You now see the screen as it is defined right now.


  2. To change the name of the screen, click on the current name and enter the new name.


  3. Submit the change by clicking on the checkmark icon or anywhere on your screen other than the x icon.


  4. The name is changed but not yet saved. Click the Save button to save the new name.

Add, remove & customize sections

To define your screen you need sections. These sections can be filled with predefined fields.

  1. To create a new section, click on the Create new section button.


  2. A modal will open. Enter the name of your new section and click the Submit button.
    (Note that the names of the sections have to be unique.)

    (The name of an existing section can be changed by clicking on it and entering a new one.)

  3. Now you see the newly created section. Because it is still empty it can be deleted.


  4. If you want to delete an empty section, simply click the Delete empty section button.
    Note that a section can only be deleted if it is empty.


  5. To add fields to your section drag and drop them from the sidebar on the right.
    (Note that every field can only be used once per screen. So if you have dragged a field into a section this field will no longer be available in the right sidebar.)


  6. With the Full row toggle you can choose if a section should be displayed over the full width of the screen or only over half.


  7. Now you can add as many sections with as many fields as you like by repeating steps 1, 2, 5 and 6.

  8. You can change the order of your sections by clicking the up and down arrows.


  9. You can move fields from one section to another by dragging them there.


  10. To remove a field from a section drag it over to the right sidebar and drop it there.


  11. Don’t forget to save your newly customized screen by clicking the Save button. (The Save button will only be enabled if there are unsaved changes in this screen.)