How-to use the "Issue Forms create form" as a button to create Jira issues

If you display Jira issue in a table on a page, you might want to create Jira issues directly there. Using the function described here, you can also display buttons near a Jira Issue table.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open a page in edit mode (or create a page) and insert select the Issue Forms - create form macro via the other macros Browser
    select the Project and Issue type (e.g "Test Software Scrum" and "Task") you want to use.

  2. Select Only Create-Button.

  3. Finally, you can specify the button type and description (e.g. "Create a task").

  4. Now click Save.

  5. Publish the page.

  6. As you can see, a Create a task button is now displayed.